Visual identity + various applications + event concept / decoration for Media Fast Forward (MFF) 2016, the yearly innovation showcase of Flemish radio and TV broadcaster VRT. Made in Reyser's capacity as art director / designer at VRT.

Videos here. Pictures by Nena (more pictures here) ©.

Decoration: hanging lasercut acrylic rectangles in event color scheme.

Banners: program information / wifi information / decoration 

Nametags: purple paper and transparant plastic (suits the ceiling).

Videomapping: MFF visual identity.

Videomapping by Gregg Young. Motion graphics by Steven Thys.

Videomapping: (animated) speaker names.

Static images: supporting presentations.

Folder: programme + speaker information (A2 folded to A4). 

Livestream graphics.


Graphics: programme.

Graphics: invitation.

Graphics: posters.

Graphics: livestream.

Graphics: wayfinding.